Professional Domestic Cleaner for Bond Cleaning

Move In or Out Cleaning

Spruce up your home for to get that Sale!

We clean properties along the Sunshine Coast

Please call or send an inquiry to see if you are

in our service area.

6 days a week by Appointment

*Conditions Apply


Listed are the areas we clean in a standard End of Lease Clean:

  • Kitchen's
  • oven
  • cook top
  • range hood
  • filters
  • cupboards
  • dishwasher
  • Window's
  • tracks
  • screens
  • sills
  • Bathroom’s
  • shower
  • bath
  • vanity
  • toilet
  • exhaust fan
  • General
  • Walls
  • skirting boards
  • cornices
  • cobwebs
  • Ceiling fans
  • air-conditioner
  • light fittings
  • power points
  • light switches
  • All floors swept/ vacuumed and mopped


  • Work Guaranteed
  • By Appointment Only



Prices are to be agreed upon via mutual agreement of a quotation given via visual or descriptive application or inquiry of a property. Prices are firm unless there are implications such as those described below that are not clearly advised upon or made visible at the time of the quote. Upon agreement of a quotation and proceeding booking you agree for the services to be fulfilled on the day and time given unless mutually changed to suit personal arrangements surrounding your move. You also agree to pay Way Clean in cash on the day. Receipts can be emailed to a real-estate, to yourself, or left with you at the end of job - which ever is agreed upon. We fulfill the quota required by the real-estate agents for your bond clean. If needed we will return at no charge if something happens to be overlooked (which isn't usual). Extra Services will be charged at an additional hourly rate if not disclosed at the time of the quote (as mentioned above), ie rubbish removal. If you require full wall cleaning, ceilings etc these are charged at additional rate. (We spot clean walls in a standard clean). Similarly, any fecal matter / excrement to be removed or cleaned by us will incur additional charges if not disclosed at the time of quotation whether it be human, animal or rodent etc.

We are not responsible for the property if it had previously sustained damage that may effect a bond return, we guarantee our cleaning only and can not create a miracle, although we do our best. If there are items needing repair this is nothing to do with Way Clean, we are not repairers, just cleaners, it is your duty to fulfill repairers to your property. Every care is taken whilst we are on your property so that the walls, windows, fittings etc are as they were before we entered. We do photograph areas that are excessively damaged to protect us against liability if evidence is required by a real estate agent and reserve the right to contact the agent in question.

Prices for a end of lease clean vary and depend on the premises*

Carpet Cleaning Services are available upon request only and is not included in the quote, but as a separate quote as we use another company for this.

We Guarantee our work on full bond cleans, part or work done by you is not covered by us. We do not work by the hour for bond or move out cleaning unless by mutual agreement. 

Move out cleaning on fully furnished properties is usually more costly than an empty property so please advise if this is the case.

It is alright to have high expectations as we do, but please also have realistic ones. We do our best to make sure everyone knows where they stand and what they are getting so that there are no surprises for either of us.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Kind Regards

Way Clean

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